Feb 8, 2012

Cleaning Priniples- Cleaning Service and Cleaning Services

Miami Cleaning Services - Residential - Commercial - Cleaning Company

 Cleaning Services of   Residential and Professional  Office Cleaning Service. Should be provided  by a well trained, conscientious   goal oriented staff

Cleaning Service  Company Specialties include

•Remodeling & Post Construction Cleaning Service

•One Time Deep Cleaning Service

•Professional Friendly Service

Move In Cleaning Restoration

Weekly and Bi-weekly regular cleaning services


More Cleaning Services Provided,

Cleaning Service Materials and products that should be provided

•Renoun Cleaning products

•Swifter Duster Upon request

Microfiber Cleaning cloths  Cloths

•Green Cleaning Supplies available

Office Cleaning Supplies

•Renoun Paper Products


Office Cleaning cleaning services offered in these beautiful towns

Doral FL | Miami Beach | Coconut Grove | Midtown Miami | Coral Gables


  1. Huge collection of tools and products. I am really inspired by the hard working of Hadassah cleaning services. Looking forward for some more.

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    1. Thanks David We only excel in deep cleaning Hope you are around to help me with junk removal before my elite cleaning team goes to work

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  5. These definitely are some unique construction site cleanup tips. Happy holidays!

    1. Oso-Pa Thanks for that but we don't usually do construction site cleanup but rather the best most detailed post construction cleaning possible

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